Adversary Simulation

Simulate a complete, persistent attack against your environment, mimicking the most likely threats your organisation faces


Red Teaming

Evaluate your organisation's security controls, procedures and overall security maturity by simulating a sophisticated end-to-end real-world attack

SilentGrid's Red Teaming service leverages and combines various adversary simulation capabilities to perform a realistic, sophisticated attack with a pre-defined objective. This objective, for example, can be accessing a specific sensitive network zone, extracting confidential data or gaining administrative level access over the environment.

The engagement is structured to contain a set of pre-defined stages which typically include reconnaissance, initial compromise, establishing persistence, privilege escalation and pivoting, and data exfiltration.

The benefits of this independent assessment are twofold:
It provides a comprehensive view of your security posture, which includes not only technical controls but user awareness, procedures and monitoring capabilities.
The network artifacts and indicators of compromise introduced by the red team can then also be used by the organisation's internal security team to bring their defensive tradecraft to the next level.

Assumed Breach

Assess your defensive readiness for the scenario where a sophisticated threat actor managed to establish an initial foothold on your network

There is a high probability that a persistent, sophisticated attacker can eventually compromise your organisation's first line of defences. This incident usually happens by social engineering or by compromising a device or service on your network edge. These attackers have one vital advantage over ethical offensive security teams: they are not constrained by engagement timeframes. By assuming that a breach would eventually happen, the length of this exercise can be significantly reduced compared to an end-to-end (Red Teaming) test, while still delivering the majority of the benefits.

The SilentGrid team always works towards a pre-agreed set of objectives while performing an Assumed Breach Simulation. This objective, for example, can be accessing a specific sensitive network zone, extracting confidential data or gaining administrative level access over the environment. Our team of experts will also adjust the sophistication of the attacks performed to match your organisation's level of security maturity. The most common starting point is either a workstation in your environment or an unauthorised device connected to your network.

At the conclusion of the engagement, you will gain an understanding of the effectiveness of your security controls and procedures in place and will be able to prioritise and structure future security improvement efforts. If your organisation has a dedicated security team, they can also monitor the activities during the exercise and use the generated data to fine-tune their detection capabilities.


Perimeter Assessment

Map your publicly exposed resources and uncover attack surfaces you might not be aware of

Penetration testing is an effective way to measure the security of your hosts and applications. It is however heavily restricted in scope.

It is not unusual for an IT department to have an incomplete view of digital resources the organisation exposes to the Internet. Development environments, misconfigured devices or test systems might be publicly available and offer an easy way for attackers to breach the external perimeter of your organisation.

Our perimeter assessment service hunts for Internet exposed systems associated with your business and outlines your potential attack surface. Any easily exploitable vulnerabilities are reported together with a list of identified resources that can help you to understand your current security posture.

Based on the outcome of this exercise, SilentGrid can then offer additional testing, focusing on the most critical identified assets unique to your organisation.

OSINT Analysis

Research and collect information from the Internet and the Darknet to understand risks and threat actors that might be targeting your organisation's infrastructure and personnel

Our threat intelligence experts will assist in determining which hostile actors are out there, their motive for potential attacks, and which tactics, techniques and procedures they may use to attempt their intrusions.

This iterative engagement type focuses on key assets and people. SilentGrid then contextualises the gathered information and generates a personalised "threat report" with valuable information you can use to protect your organisation.


Social Engineering

Assess your employee's security awareness level by performing simulated real-world attacks

When adversaries try to compromise your organisation, your digital assets and infrastructure are not the only areas they focus on. Employees are an integral part of your first line of defence.

By relying on the expertise of the SilentGrid team, you can get a realistic view of the security consciousness and awareness of your staff.

The range of activities usually performed include email and SMS based phishing campaigns, social engineering over the phone and tailgating employees or cloning their access cards to access restricted areas inside your organisation's premises.