Hardware, IoT and Wireless

Assess consumer and embedded systems, wireless communications and WiFi networks


Hardware, IoT and Wireless

In the era of Internet of Things, securing your embedded hardware solutions and various wireless communications have become an essential part of every well-thought-out IT security strategy.

SilentGrid has the capability to test a wide range of hardware, from large consumer devices with an extensive feature set, all the way to small embedded (IoT) devices, like environment sensors.

On a high level, the engagement typically includes bypassing hardware and software controls which would prevent interfacing with the hardware. Then depending on the nature of the device, either attempting to compromise the operating system or dumping and reverse-engineering the device firmware, looking for vulnerabilities.

If the tested device also employs wireless communication like RFID, Zigbee, Z-Wave, 802.11 or BlueTooth, SilentGrid will analyse the network traffic for implementation flaws, while also looking for common vulnerabilities like replaying packets or bypassing encryption mechanisms.

At the conclusion of the engagement, you will have a clear picture of the security posture of the device, and the vulnerabilities it introduces into the ecosystem it is part of.

SilentGrid can also test your "traditional" Wi-Fi setup (like Enterprise, BYOD or Guest networks), and give you an understanding of the various attacks a malicious actor could perform while potentially not even being physically present inside your premises.